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Since I was a teenager I was very interested in everything about human anatomy, physiology and psychology. During my study physiotherapy (Arnhem/Nijmegen) I learned the importance of keeping the balance between fit and not fit and about our impact and influence on that balance. After graduating in 1994 I worked in England and later on in Amsterdam, treating mainly outpatients.

While getting more and more work experience I noticed that keeping the balance is not only a physical but more a holistic thing. That motivated me to start studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2003 to learn more about keeping or gaining that balance. And in 2014 I finished the Toyohari Training (Japanese Acupuncture). Knowing more gives again more questions, so I keep on learning, also by studying literature and following courses, seminars etc.(see: Study Curriculum). In my living area we have a study group with some colleagues to share knowledge and experiences. With some of these colleagues we have a subgroup regarding pregnancy and fertility and we look after each others patients during holidays, and so we will be able to guarantee the continuation of the treatment. See: www.acupunctuurzwangerschap.nl.

Between 2006 and 2009 I was part of the editorial department and also member of the board of the Dutch Association for Acupuncture (NVA). I wrote several articles for our acupuncture magazine Huang Ti.

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