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Practice for Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture


Practice for Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture


Practice for Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture


Practice for Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture


Practice IJspeert

Emmenhoeve 12
6721 LC Bennekom

Tel. 06 - 43 97 54 52

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Post operative treatment

Someone with good experience with acupuncture referred me to acupuncture. I was operated for ganglion on my wrist but the wound had been infected and left me with permanent injury. Physiotherapy didn’t do much good and so I consulted Ellen. I was surprised that her approach wasn’t vague or mystical at all, but she explained in a clear way what acupuncture could do for me. Ellen treats with great care and evaluates every treatment carefully. The results were amazing! The swelling completely disappeared and there is minimum redness now. What also pleased me was the comfort of knowing how many treatments I needed without just trying something. From now on I also will recommend to use acupuncture!

B. Elenbaas

Injured soldier

I am Bas Krens and I’m working in the army for “luchtmobiele brigade”. So I have to do a lot of strenuous physical activity, like walking extensive hikes, musketry, bootcamptraining and so on. I was very sad and frustrated getting injured in august 2010 by shin splints. I thought it just needed a bit of physiotherapy and I would be fine again in two months time, but it didn’t completely heal and set me back every time I stretched the limits. After 5, 6 months I started a fulltime rehabilitation scheme for 6 weeks and later on again for 8 weeks but even then it didn’t feel completely right. So I Googled for other options and found Ellens acupuncture practice. She started with me right away. I didn’t know anything about yin and yang etc but Ellen explained the situation in a clear way and I understood she could really help me. After two treatments I felt something was changing for the better; I could run easier and the last phase of my time in the rehabilitation centre was going smooth. After 5 treatments I started enhancing my general physical condition and, believe it or not, I’m in the front of my team again! It still sounds strange to me that after 1 year of having all kinds of (physical)treatments my problem was solved after 5 treatments with little needles. Ellen, thanks very much for your treatments!

Bas Krens

Sportsinjury badminton

I’m used to play badminton fairly intense and I’m working with the computer mouse a lot. So after a while I started having pain in my right forearm again: in my elbow, wrist and little finger was a nagging pain. By former experiences with treating this problem I knew that physiotherapy or manual therapy wouldn’t help me. So I started to look for an acupuncturist with a background in physiotherapy. And then I found Ellen IJspeert. We decided to treat five times. The first two treatments I only had needles on several meridians. This didn’t do much to me so Ellen decided to stimulate the needles with electrodes but even that didn’t help me. So next I asked Ellen to manipulate the needles by hand; I knew this would help me. Ellen told me that this is a very painful way of treatment which she doesn’t do a lot because most people can’t stand it. In my experience it’s not that painful at all and after that first treatment the pain in my arm was gone. She treated me a second time like that and the pain stayed away. Now I can play badminton freely again and do my computer work without problems. But I need to take care of my posture. No harming painkillers for me anymore. Ellen is a good listener and a compassionate person. We had good conversation during treatment and even a laugh now and then! I really would recommend Ellen for your problems. Especially people with sportsinjuries can have good effects through her treatments.

Maureen Janssen

A quick cure

By googling for acupuncture I found Ellens website. For some time I had problems with depression by hormonal disbalance and through acupuncture and a positive attitude I managed to get over it. Ever since, I frequently visit Ellen for treatment for, for example sportsinjuries which really helped me. Sometimes the problem was cured after only one treatment!