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  • Practice for Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture

  • Practice for Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture

  • Practice for Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture

  • Practice for Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture


Practice IJspeert

Emmenhoeve 12
6721 LC Bennekom

Tel. 06 - 43 97 54 52

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When I made my first appointment with Ellen IJspeert I thought: I can always try it, it won’t harm me anyway. I suffered for years with longstanding headaches, which aggravated over the years, and now I was willing to try acupuncture, but with a certain skepticism. After the first treatment I didn’t feel better but just had more headache. But this treatment started a change, that was clear to me. After the second treatment the aches diminished. Now, after 6 treatments I hardly feel any headache any more. I didn’t expect acupuncture would create such an impact even at a long-lasting problem like my headaches. I also received dietary advice. This dietary advice is easy to use and gives me good replacements for snacktime. Thanks for your recommendations Ellen!

Karin H.


A few years ago a friend mentioned acupuncture. I looked on the internet and found Ellens website and contacted her. The choice to go to her was mainly an intuitive choice. It seemed to be the right choice for me. I didn’t know what to expect of the treatment and I started with an open mind. I had several different problems. For years I had problems with intense agitation which I felt mainly in my head. Now, after acupuncture treatments, this agitation is less intense; it’s quite fine actually. I also suffer from arthritis in both hips which gives me a lot of pain. Naturally the arthritis doesn’t disappear by acupuncture but the pain has diminished quite considerably. I can recommend acupuncture for everyone. Ellen is a good listener and a nice person.

Hans van de Kolk

Numbness and pinched nerve

About two and a half years ago I suddenly started having a lot of pain in my neck, shoulder and left arm due to a pinched nerve. I also noticed a funny, hyposensitive feeling in my left middle finger which now and then gave me pins and needles. A physiotherapist really helped me, but the numb feeling in my finger didn’t change for the better. After a while the pain started again, combined with itching on neck, shoulderblades and arm. At the start of this year one of my a friends suggested to go for acupuncture and so I met Ellen. She’s been treating me for 10 times now and after every treatment I felt a little better. At the moment the severe pain and itching is completely gone. Only the tip of my middle finger is still a bit numb when I press it. It’s a lot of improvement and I’m very happy!

Anne Hendriksen


In hospital they discovered calcification of one of my shouldertendons. I could hardly move my arm because of the pain. Because the waitinglist for hospital help was quite long I visited Ellen. She used little needles and some electrostimulation and it cured my problem completely. When checking the situation by the orthopedic surgeon he referred me for another X-ray and that one showed a lot less calcification in the tendon as before! This also proves that acupuncture really works! Going to Ellen always makes me feel good. I’ll recommend anyone beyond doctors and physiotherapists to search for acupuncture treatment.