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  • Practice for Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture

  • Practice for Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture

  • Practice for Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture


Practice IJspeert

Emmenhoeve 12
6721 LC Bennekom

Tel. 06 - 43 97 54 52

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Years ago I visited Ellen for backproblems. Her treatment helped me a lot, and every time I had a problem I visited Ellen a few times for treatment. In 2012 I was pregnant with my second child and very nauseous so I came to Ellen for help. Her treatment helped to minimize the nausea and kept me in balance despite the racing hormones in my body. It made me happier and more relaxed. During the pregnancy I developed pain in the pelvic region. Again Ellen helped to ease the pain so I could move easier. In march 2013 I had to give birth and I wanted to have a home birth, like I did with my first. But even with 41 weeks the delivery hadn’t started naturally so, to avoid being stimulated by hormones in hospital, I asked Ellen to activate the delivery by acupuncture. She treated me in my own home and while the needles were put in I felt the reaction of the baby. This was when she touched the point she also uses when babies are in breech position. The next hours and following night my belly was very active and the next day at 3:30 pm our son was born! I still think it’s miraculous what acupuncture can do! And not only the treatment from the needles but also the personal care and attention of Ellen. I’m at ease with her and trust her. She treats you the way which suits you, very subtle, even when you’re as sensitive as I am…

Marre Veen-Leussink

Depressed by hormones

I got to know Ellen and acupuncture by Googling. For a while I was suffering from depression and through acupuncture and a positive mind I’ve been cured now. Since then I occasionally visit Ellen for treatment after sportsinjuries which helps me to quickly recover. Sometimes I only need just one treatment!

B. Jansen


After a rough time in my life, I was finally back on track but still very tired, I hadn’t much appetite and had difficulty to sleep. After a few treatments I felt the energy back again! The stagnation in my body disappeared and I felt back to normal again. But then there were other changes than physical as well, because I regained the strength to listen to my body and make the right choices. I think that not only the acupuncture did that but also Ellen with her sensible way of communicating.

Inez van Broekhove

Inner strength

After a burned out situation I was back to work but didn’t have the energy to do much else next to my day job. After treatment with acupuncture I’m able to have a nice evening and even play sports again! Ellen has also given me nutritional recommendations to make sure I eat the right food for energy. My headaches are almost gone and I have a good night sleep again. I’m now being treated only every four weeks to keep the balance till I can manage on my inner strenght...

Frans Brokboer


A good friend referred me to Ellen, because she had good experience with her treatments. I had several problems like recurrent strain injuries on my elbows and I didn’t get pregnant after my miscarriage. I also had some vague problems, low energy and I wasn’t completely cured from depression which started 6 years ago. I felt like I had a gap in my belly which made me feel sad and empty. Then Ellen started to treat me and my elbow problems quickly disappeared. But on the other hand I didn’t feel anything was changing. My moods even got worse at a certain point. But after that everything changed and things got better and better. My energy levels raised and the empty feeling was gone. I feel much happier and I’m very grateful for that!. And after 6 failed IUI treatments, I got pregnant with my first IVF treatment, all combined with acupuncture treatments. At the moment I’m 34 weeks pregnant. Ellen is a very nice and reliable person. She is a real professional and very talented in her profession and I feel very comfortable being treated by her.

Lisette van Dijk

A quick cure

By googling for acupuncture I found Ellens website. For some time I had problems with depression by hormonal disbalance and through acupuncture and a positive attitude I managed to get over it. Ever since, I frequently visit Ellen for treatment for, for example sportsinjuries which really helped me. Sometimes the problem was cured after only one treatment!


Sportsinjury badminton

I’m used to play badminton fairly intense and I’m working with the computer mouse a lot. So after a while I started having pain in my right forearm again: in my elbow, wrist and little finger was a nagging pain. By former experiences with treating this problem I knew that physiotherapy or manual therapy wouldn’t help me. So I started to look for an acupuncturist with a background in physiotherapy. And then I found Ellen IJspeert. We decided to treat five times. The first two treatments I only had needles on several meridians. This didn’t do much to me so Ellen decided to stimulate the needles with electrodes but even that didn’t help me. So next I asked Ellen to manipulate the needles by hand; I knew this would help me. Ellen told me that this is a very painful way of treatment which she doesn’t do a lot because most people can’t stand it. In my experience it’s not that painful at all and after that first treatment the pain in my arm was gone. She treated me a second time like that and the pain stayed away. Now I can play badminton freely again and do my computer work without problems. But I need to take care of my posture. No harming painkillers for me anymore. Ellen is a good listener and a compassionate person. We had good conversation during treatment and even a laugh now and then! I really would recommend Ellen for your problems. Especially people with sportsinjuries can have good effects through her treatments.

Maureen Janssen

Injured soldier

I am Bas Krens and I’m working in the army for “luchtmobiele brigade”. So I have to do a lot of strenuous physical activity, like walking extensive hikes, musketry, bootcamptraining and so on. I was very sad and frustrated getting injured in august 2010 by shin splints. I thought it just needed a bit of physiotherapy and I would be fine again in two months time, but it didn’t completely heal and set me back every time I stretched the limits. After 5, 6 months I started a fulltime rehabilitation scheme for 6 weeks and later on again for 8 weeks but even then it didn’t feel completely right. So I Googled for other options and found Ellens acupuncture practice. She started with me right away. I didn’t know anything about yin and yang etc but Ellen explained the situation in a clear way and I understood she could really help me. After two treatments I felt something was changing for the better; I could run easier and the last phase of my time in the rehabilitation centre was going smooth. After 5 treatments I started enhancing my general physical condition and, believe it or not, I’m in the front of my team again! It still sounds strange to me that after 1 year of having all kinds of (physical)treatments my problem was solved after 5 treatments with little needles. Ellen, thanks very much for your treatments!

Bas Krens

Post operative treatment

Someone with good experience with acupuncture referred me to acupuncture. I was operated for ganglion on my wrist but the wound had been infected and left me with permanent injury. Physiotherapy didn’t do much good and so I consulted Ellen. I was surprised that her approach wasn’t vague or mystical at all, but she explained in a clear way what acupuncture could do for me. Ellen treats with great care and evaluates every treatment carefully. The results were amazing! The swelling completely disappeared and there is minimum redness now. What also pleased me was the comfort of knowing how many treatments I needed without just trying something. From now on I also will recommend to use acupuncture!

B. Elenbaas


In 2009 I visited Ellen being referred by one of my friends. I was suffering from severe lower back pain which made me wake up at nights frequently. Physiotherapy and manual therapy and exercises didn’t help me at all. After some acupuncture treatments I felt already much better. Now I visit Ellen once every two months or if needed. My backache has now gone almost completely. What I like best is the combination of acupuncture and massage followed by using moxa. The tension and pain in my body and the stressful feeling disappears quite quickly. Last year Ellen also treated the scars from a recent operation and facilitated the healing and the flexibility of the tissues. I can strongly recommend to be treated by Ellen! She combines extensive knowledge of Chinese and Japanese acupuncture ánd her experience in physiotherapy with a positive attitude which make her treatments very effective!



In hospital they discovered calcification of one of my shouldertendons. I could hardly move my arm because of the pain. Because the waitinglist for hospital help was quite long I visited Ellen. She used little needles and some electrostimulation and it cured my problem completely. When checking the situation by the orthopedic surgeon he referred me for another X-ray and that one showed a lot less calcification in the tendon as before! This also proves that acupuncture really works! Going to Ellen always makes me feel good. I’ll recommend anyone beyond doctors and physiotherapists to search for acupuncture treatment.


Numbness and pinched nerve

About two and a half years ago I suddenly started having a lot of pain in my neck, shoulder and left arm due to a pinched nerve. I also noticed a funny, hyposensitive feeling in my left middle finger which now and then gave me pins and needles. A physiotherapist really helped me, but the numb feeling in my finger didn’t change for the better. After a while the pain started again, combined with itching on neck, shoulderblades and arm. At the start of this year one of my a friends suggested to go for acupuncture and so I met Ellen. She’s been treating me for 10 times now and after every treatment I felt a little better. At the moment the severe pain and itching is completely gone. Only the tip of my middle finger is still a bit numb when I press it. It’s a lot of improvement and I’m very happy!

Anne Hendriksen


A few years ago a friend mentioned acupuncture. I looked on the internet and found Ellens website and contacted her. The choice to go to her was mainly an intuitive choice. It seemed to be the right choice for me. I didn’t know what to expect of the treatment and I started with an open mind. I had several different problems. For years I had problems with intense agitation which I felt mainly in my head. Now, after acupuncture treatments, this agitation is less intense; it’s quite fine actually. I also suffer from arthritis in both hips which gives me a lot of pain. Naturally the arthritis doesn’t disappear by acupuncture but the pain has diminished quite considerably. I can recommend acupuncture for everyone. Ellen is a good listener and a nice person.

Hans van de Kolk


When I made my first appointment with Ellen IJspeert I thought: I can always try it, it won’t harm me anyway. I suffered for years with longstanding headaches, which aggravated over the years, and now I was willing to try acupuncture, but with a certain skepticism. After the first treatment I didn’t feel better but just had more headache. But this treatment started a change, that was clear to me. After the second treatment the aches diminished. Now, after 6 treatments I hardly feel any headache any more. I didn’t expect acupuncture would create such an impact even at a long-lasting problem like my headaches. I also received dietary advice. This dietary advice is easy to use and gives me good replacements for snacktime. Thanks for your recommendations Ellen!

Karin H.

Girl, 7 years old

My 7 year old daughter suffered long time with severe coughing, she had dark circles around her eyes and she was not fit at all. This situation was hard to influence. Even in summertime her condition didn’t change for the better. And she used to be a very energetic girl! After 3 treatments from Ellen with Japanese acupuncture she was fit again with a healthy luster on her face. Like she was reloaded with energy again. The way Ellen treats her, gives my daughter a lot of trust. I accompanied her during treatment of course but the two of them were having a good time together. My daughter is very conscious about Ellens good intentions and therefore she likes to go to her. Now we visit Ellen now and again to keep up the situation.

Emilie Angel

Boy, 16 years old

Matthijs opens the door of Praktijk IJspeert, in Heelsum. He feels a little uncomfortable. When being a healthy 16 year old boy you don’t regularly visit a “doctor”. But within the next minutes he feels more at ease. He says being here feels good but also professional. I recognise the feeling. The words ‘good’ and ‘professional’ suit Ellen IJspeert. She expresses professionalism and at the same time real care for her patients. Also her practice room expresses that feeling; the orange tinted details give a warm and comfortable atmosphere and the paintwork makes the professional atmosphere. Me and my son regularly visit this acupuncturist. During the treatment I put my focus on my body. I am aware of the interaction between my body and mind. This focussing really works for me. The needles do their job. And I yet want to know more about the long history of the Chinese medical tradition and the relationship with my western lifestyle. That’s what I also can learn from Ellen. The scientific basis, Ellens need for scientific new information is probably the power and success of her practice.

Josette Jacobs